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Casualess is design by industry experts determine to solve the technology gap. Bring forth a solution and create an ecosystem around casual community

Social Feed

Present in scrollable and engaging social style feed on event jobs and casualess community posts

Social Posting

Empower and encourage casualess community members to share information or even their thoughts

Social Element

Sharing, liking and comment capabilities and interaction are in built social influenced activities


Event Ad

Approach in presenting job ad into a visual event message aim to attract and inform in creative ways

Event Posting

Enable everyone to join the casualess community and start offering job in this new approach

Event Search

Built with powerful and easy search capability allow lookup for present and past events at an instant


Career - All Your Activities Is Track

Career inspired features that give casual team member the one dashboard capable to be single view of main activities or drill-in detail information of their entire Casualess career

Dashboard View

Dashboard provide the single view of highlights and key information are all within a glance

My Resume

Resume is always automatically updated with the latest work experience ready for the next job

My Events

Events are tracked and available for look up in the most intuitive and ergonomic manner

Rank & Review

Gamification elements in rank and review are essential features and rewards to casual team member

Work Pass

Virtual pass is the always available in secured and effective pass for identification purposes at workplace

Work Sheet

An advance rules and calculation engine which present real-time pay information to casual team member

QR Code

Scan in and scan out as timesheet taking just by using two devices from casual team member and manager

Scan Features

Scanning is built in with checks and instant notifications of information crucial to managing an event job

Work - All Your Needs Is Here

Work motivated functions are to enable casual team member all the needed tools and data requirements at the start to completion of an Casualess event management





A casual is an employee which work for short to medium terms job or event at hourly or daily rates. In Casualess, we call casual employee “Team Member” because we believe that is the rightful name given the contribution by all casual employees.
Casualess is an revolutionary casual community and market platform built into an app. Its developed with the familiar social elements with functionalities to support interactive engagement between a Team Member and Event Manager from the time you apply to completion of a job.
Casualess is conceived and built into an app that enabled your casual career needs in functions and information all in one place which is always accessible on your hand whether you are a Team Member or Event Manager in Casualess ecosystem.
Casualess aim to build a casual community ecosystem that elevate casual career into a mainstream career path with greater values to Team Member and optimal efficiency to Event Manager.
Casualess app and services is completely free.

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Elevate your casual career to new height with Casualess powerful platform built into an interactive mobility app


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